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From: Wade Smith (
Date: Wed 06 Nov 2002 - 21:26:08 GMT

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    On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 03:39 , Grant Callaghan wrote:

    > I don't remember saying it was a quote of Christ's.

    Yes, you said 'the words of Christ', and that is why I made the comment I did.

    The words of Christ are not the memes of xianity. And the words are not what are being used. In fact, I am wondering just exactly you _are_ talking about when you say 'the memes of Christ', because, I think you're blowing them all out your rectal orifice.

    > What I said was that the memes of conquest were flourishing in the
    > minds of people who have been indoctrinated in the memes of Christ.
    > The minds contain both sets of memes.

    Granted- so, which ones are they using? Be honest. The memes of conquest can indeed flourish in the minds of people 'indoctrinated' (as you say) in the memes of non-conquest. Or does 'turn the other cheek' mean something else to you?

    BTW- I am not a xian.

    - Wade

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