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Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 17:52:11 GMT

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    This article by Edward Said on the Palestinian crisis demonstrates that it can't be comprehended except according to the model of memetics. As usual the existence of self-replicating ideas is best demonstrated when those ideas are pathological and whose widespread success cannot be accounted for by logic alone. In this case the pathological meme is "Palestinian terrorism." That Israel is clearly attempting the destruction of an entire people never enters our minds as long as we remain in thrall to the terrorism meme.

    As Said observes, "the daily, minute occurrences of what Palestinians have to live through are hidden and, more important, covered over by a logic of self-defence and the pursuit of terrorism (terrorist infrastructure, terrorist nests, terrorist bomb factories, terrorist suspects -- the list is infinite) which perfectly suits Sharon and the lamentable George Bush. Ideas about terrorism have thus taken on a life of their own, legitimised and re-legitimised without proof, logic or rational argument."

    The power of this meme depends on its exploitation of the collective narcissism and paranoia of the Israeli people.


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