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Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 03:17:47 GMT

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    >Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 18:58:11 -0500
    >On Sunday, November 3, 2002, at 05:09 , wrote:
    >>In such cases, they are indeed imitating sounds, and are genetically
    >>wired to be able to do so; what they are not doing is grasping
    >Or attempting to perform.
    >- Wade

    Wrong. Choice of mates is based in great part on the performance of a male in competition with other males. Most birds perform mating dances as well as mating songs. The songs and dances are judged and acted upon. The best performer has much the same effect on the female as the best human dancer at a social dance has on the females who see him perform. Something is definitely being communicated here. You guys are giving birds way too little credit. Sheep knocking heads together are also performing for a purpose, intimidating rivals and attracting females. If the rivals go and the females come, the behavior and the performance accomplished it purpose. The choice of means for competing may be genetic but the execution of the behavior is up to the competitors. If there is no ideal to judge by, how does the female make her decision. Where does the decision take place but in the animal's mind?


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