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Date: Mon 04 Nov 2002 - 00:58:32 GMT

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    > We can choose which meme-type we access for a performance

    In every recollection of the creative process that I've ever read, the moment of eureka is always recalled as coming 'out of the blue', or
    'without warning' or 'as if from nowhere'.

    We cannot choose this moment, (though it is often carefully prepared for), nor decide, to almost any degree, what the moment might provide.
    (In all such accounts, there is also a substantial expression of sentiments like 'the actual answer totally astounded me- it was so different from what I was expecting'.)

    So, no, there is a great deal of non-corroborating evidence against your proposition above, so much so, that I consider it a tacitly false statement of human experience, and thus it is that your model, and not mine, is the one "that does not refer to the contingent world in which we live, nor to the dynamic selves which we are."

    - Wade

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