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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 21:05:48 GMT

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    > > Oh come on Joe, are you that blind !?
    > > Selfishness is said to be ways by which genes and all propagate
    > > for their own account through nature !
    > They do not say to themselves, "I am doing this for my own benefit", nor
    > CAN they; thus, although you may categorize the behavior as
    > (metaphorically) selfish, the organisms themselves cannot literally BE
    > selfish.

    You understand perfectly what I have meant here, Joe, no need to emphazise you're right ! By the definition of selfishness I use is it perfectly understandable, metaphorically as you call it, to see or- ganisms as selfish, that is, the ways they use to get to their goals are
    ' selfish ' in their own respect. Better !?

    > I recognize that self-conscious awareness is a special emergent quality
    > born of a quantity/complexity quotient, and, though quite common on
    > planet Earth (although still comprising only a miniscule percentage of
    > the life forms here), is exceedingly rare in the universe at large as far
    > we know. It grants us freedom of choice and some degree of
    > imaginative awareness of the consequences of our choices, and allows
    > us to view our interrelations with each other and with the ecosystem we
    > share, and develop sets of rights and responsibilities to allow for both
    > our own perpetuation and the perpetuation of our environment (and
    > these are intimately connected).

    No need to rub it under my nose, I understand, it is just I detect(ed) from time to time, beneath the surface, things of a somewhat religious order, things which I didn 't, anthropomorphisically ( what a word !) could identify with you, that's all ! No hard feeling I hope !?

    Many regards,


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