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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 20:47:42 GMT

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    ......and to the replication performance by an
    > observer, is the performance, and the performance, by due of its own
    > nature, can introduce mutations unexpected, unforeseen, and unprepared
    > for by the other two processes, and thus, what the observer _sees_ (and
    > then remembers and acts upon), does _not_ have to be, in point of actual
    > fact and in all cases and without equivocation, what was _intended_ by
    > the performer......

    That could be the discription of what directed mutation is all about, that unexpected mutations would be counted in ways that investigators would see those as the ones who survived, where in fact that wasn 't the case at all ! but that is not what you imply here, I 'm sure.

    Wade, Thus, the peme model of cultural evolution asls that the item of rigorous examination be the performance, and not the intention of the performer.

    Not to nitpick Wade, but could this not be just another unexpected/ unforseen aspect of your schemata and be counted as it were true !? After all, what you intended can unexpected have been mutated by due of its own nature....


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