Re: There is never pure perception or pure action

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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 20:12:25 GMT

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    >> Your definition of performance is inadequate.
    > Show me a spaceless externality.

    Show me the actual _space_ your version of performance's externality is- as far as I can see it is a partial vacuum, without observer. (The actual space of a performance is the total timespace of the performer, the setting, and the observers.) Your example of the song was just such- you claimed to have performed something culturally without an observer. Bogus. What you did was supply the artifact of your words. The space of your artifact is this email forum, the intended observers the listserv members. As I indicated, artifacts are special cases of performances. But somehow, you expected our imaginations to provide the tune, I guess. It's not that I'm unimaginative, and I _didn't_ supply the (probably intended) tune for your artifact (the special case of the artifact itself asks us to supply the tune, as it is a generally common one), but, at no time did I totally assume this tune was the actual one you sang, and I have no empirical proof that it was.

    Thus the 'space' you performed this claimed song of yours was incomplete, and, in many ways, I see you transporting this same incomplete space to your model.

    - Wade

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