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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 20:18:48 GMT

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    > On Sunday, November 3, 2002, at 11:01 , Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    > > Wade's scheme is a pyramid where in the modern days of our todays
    > > world again, time after time the top (behavior), individualistic is
    > > replaced.
    > > I think !
    > There is that very nice image of the granular pyramid, slowly rising,
    > gaining shape, bean by bean, every addition helping to form it, and,
    > then, one day, adding just too much, and breaking, althought not much,
    > and as long as beans keep dropping, the shape will resume. Culture is
    > like that, and the pemetic model is like that, every performance another
    > bean, from the same source, until, break. So, I sort of see how the
    > pyramid structure occurs to you, but I was not thinking, in any mental
    > image, of a shape.

    Never said you were Wade ! It is my image to picture what you' re trying to say. But I don 't see to what point it can break though. I picture myself a pyramidic- like form where again and again, time after time the top ( what thus in your scheme represents the actual behavior) is replaced.

    Picture yourself a whole set of pyramids set on a base of communalities, like you propose, each of them newbie constructed and at their top stands each time a different, but still similar behavior. Each time a performer performs it, or is willing to, a pyramid like form is constructed, the final performance, due to environmental circumstances, is each time different though similar.

    But breaking ! How would/ could it break !? For all now what I do understand of your scheme, I see no tipping point ! As long there are performers out there, the final behavior will resume, it will in the end cease to exist, but breaking !? No, atleast not in my mind.

    PS, sometimes I didn 't understood you properly, but I do hope you don 't think I ridiculed you in anyway !?


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