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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 16:01:24 GMT

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    > Since Wade dismisses both similarity and type-token construction in his
    > insistence that every thing is a new thing, unrelated to what came
    > before, he has, and can have, no distinctions between the first clumsy
    > time a kid tries to ski and his/her Olympic-Gold-Medal-Winning slalom
    > 20 years later, not any explanation for the quantum difference in skills
    > displayed between them. If every performance is an entirely new
    > performance, nothing can be learned or gained from what has gone
    > before, and one's thousandth beer or ten thousandth cigarette is
    > indistinguishable from one's first, in being, just like the others,
    > unlike them.

    Joe, isn 't this than not similar the to imaginary lines I brought up !? In Wade's scheme, my lines would conclure with what he refers to as ' new things '. There are no such things like new things in evolution Wade argues, so is the Space Shuttle a ' new thing ' or a product of human evolution or is it just an evolution of shooting the arrow !?

    There is learned/ gained info avaible, it is " inside " the arrow ( form/ use/ purpose/ speed/ which metal, what kind of wood) , each time a new arrow is constructed or each time a similar form is constructed the information/ behavior/ meaning goes along with it.
    " Memorized " !?

    Wade's scheme is a pyramid where in the modern days of our todays world again, time after time the top (behavior), individualistic is replaced. I think !


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