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    > Hunting and gathering necessarily implies a nomadic existence because
    > who do not sow and reap quickly use up the resources in an area and must
    > move on. If they live in the north, they must move south in the winter
    > usually return north in the summer. Others follow the herds of herbivors
    > who do this. The plains Indians in America followed the buffalo. Many
    > tribes just went in and took what other tribes had stored away. But until
    > farming was invented, settling down anywhere but the tropics where a
    > tropical forest produced abundant food the year around was not an option.
    > Drought was another force that pushed people from place to place, even in
    > forested areas.


    My point is that everything and all started at the lowest level of things, like flying with the Space Shuttle can be seen as some evolution of shooting the arrow. The evolution of man can be seen as in a straight linear way, from nomad, to hunter, gatherer, settler, farmer, slave, worker, socialist,... up to modern man where now the line continues over consumer, in individual, hyper- indivi- dual,.... fill in the blanks for the future.


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