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From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 10:58:28 GMT

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    > Selfishness cannot exist in the absence of self-consciousness, for one
    > must be conscious of one's self in order to be self-ish. Bacteria,
    > and genes do not possess the prerequisite complexity to allow the
    > emergence of a self-conscious awareness necessary for selfishness.
    > Instead, some of us fallaciously anthropomorphize the replicating
    > products of blind evolutionary processes.

    Oh come on Joe, are you that blind !? Selfishness is said to be ways by which genes and all propagate for their own account through nature ! Self- consciousness is not needed. Young lions kill cubs of an older one in order to get laid on the fast lane. Self- aware !? I don 't think so, they just kill in a ' selfish', instinctive way.

    I begin to wonder Joe if not you are willing to set aside the idea that humans are the top of nature's latter ! Behind the scenes of what you write I detect a somewhat religious- inspired bias... never saw that coming from you, though!

    That is what I see,



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