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Date: Sun 03 Nov 2002 - 10:37:19 GMT

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    > It's just that when you start personifying memes, talking about "drive
    > to reproduce," and so on, you are not only going off into la-la land,
    > you are setting up a paper tiger that is easy to demolish rather than
    > addressing what memetics is really about.

    Ted, Bill,

    The personifying of words, memes in this case, is a way by which we humans deal with abstractions.
    " People conduct searches into ideas, issues how abstract they may be as they were ' individuals' where with we must fight, connect to,which we must reject, protect, raise, taking care of. We impose deeds with them, cherish expectations, have doubts and reactions. " ( Nietzsche)

    If you don 't see ' selfnishness' at work here... The notion is clearly here that ' memes have us '....


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