There is never pure perception or pure action

Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 22:41:53 GMT

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    Action and perception both proceed from the interface between self and world; perception flows inward, and action flows outward. But either in the absence of the other is never found, as each action causes a perceptual change, and every attending to a perception requires focusing action. They are two poles of the same system, and by amputating one of the poles (the internal one), your stance idealizes the real to the point of distortion, bifurcating a system composed of two distinguishable yet inseparable components, and then banishing one of the constituent components from consideration. thus, you attempt to slice the internal side from the single internal-external system coin, and thus postulate an bemic or pemic abstraction in the mind (which is really ironic, since it is ideation itself which you reject) that cannot in concrete actuality perdure.

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