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Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 21:07:55 GMT

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    > >What we all forget is that everything and all start as one singularity,
    > >one cell ! We all see cells working together, they are all inbedded in
    > >what collective is known as a human being, the one single cell is for-
    > >gotten ! The interest in one single cell can 't outweight the huge accom-
    > >plishments of finding out how other cells work together.
    > >That is my pain !
    > They work together because they can communicate, just as we do, but in
    > own chemical language.

    They started to communicate in order to work together, but that wasn 't the initial ' goal ' of evolution so to speak, communication was just one step up on the ladder. The bias was quiet, silent with no words to speak, no communi- cation just spasphem of uncontrolled behavior inducted by stimili and response of instinctive processes on the moving of the water where the organism in that time lived in.

    Only when two of the same kind finally met there was something new...


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