Re: I know one when I see one

From: Wade T.Smith (
Date: Sat 02 Nov 2002 - 04:25:56 GMT

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    On Friday, November 1, 2002, at 10:33 , Grant Callaghan wrote:

    >> And, who can actually observe the mind? Really? Seriously?
    > The person who is using one. Don't you observe the working of the one
    > you use? I hope I'm not wrong in assuming you use yours.

    Yes, we 'see' ourselves, aka as observing the mind. Do I observe my own? I suppose I must. There it is.... Whether I use it or not, well, here I am performing, but, as even I've related, performance don't take much.

    The piece at which is an interview with Stephen Pinker is quite illuminating on this point. I tried to post it here, but it is too long for the filter.

    - Wade

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