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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 21:11:47 GMT

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    > Pemes would necessarily have to be tokens of meme types.

    Again, you cross models to say that. Pemes are the _only_ units of cultural transmission in the pemetic model and the pemetic model has no need for memesinthemind. The 'type/token' relationship you are so fond of is only an interpretation of the similarity of performances, not any actuality of them.

    In the memesinthemind model, yes, the performance has to be a token of the meme type. But the memesinthemind model does not use pemes- the cultural unit is the memeinthemind, not the performance. The performance is only an instantiation of the meme in the memesinthemind model.

    Such instantiation still, to be accepted by anyone, needs _some_ proof there is a memeinthemind (different from ideas, considerations, mental rehearsals, etc.) to begin with.

    Not just a conjecture, silly as it is.

    - Wade

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