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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 20:51:41 GMT

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    > Genes are a human way of looking at a body and selecting certain aspects
    > speculate about. The color of one's eyes, for example, may not be
    > by a specific section of DNA but is possibly distributed through several
    > sections of the DNA that lead the body to create eyes. The idea of
    > the genome up into little pieces and assigning them a specific task is a
    > human way of looking at the process but what the cell processing the DNA
    > doing might be something quite different.

    I don 't deny that! I just refute the idea that collectiviness is an inbedded first trait of nature. IMO it is a second stage of an evolutionary process, dividing the genome up into little pieces can be seen as a way back to the origins_ thus back to the singular cells, but cells have to work together to make a human.

    What we all forget is that everything and all start as one singularity, as one cell ! We all see cells working together, they are all inbedded in what collective is known as a human being, the one single cell is for- gotten ! The interest in one single cell can 't outweight the huge accom- plishments of finding out how other cells work together. That is my pain !


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