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From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 20:33:35 GMT

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    > What was holding me back was the fact that precise movements must be
    > learned. All skills take practice because the brain has to learn to
    > coordinate the thoughts and muscles to do the job. When you hear a
    > for the firs time, you don't actually hear the language. All you hear are
    > the sounds. The brain has to learn what the sounds represent before you
    > hear the language and the thoughts being expressed by the sounds. The
    > sounds come in patterns and if the patterns aren't recongnized,
    > communication doesn't take place.
    > It's the same with any skill. The body must learn to express the pattern
    > and that takes a coordinated effort of both mind and body. To get the
    > movements perfect, or near perfect, is an incremental process. We move
    > then get feedback on the result of that move. We change the move, get
    > feedback, and compare the result with the goal. If the result doesn't
    > satisfy the goal, we make more changes and keep doing this until we are
    > satisfied. To my mind, the goal we are trying to achieve is the seed of
    > meme. When we finally achieve our goal, the meme is broadcast. But it's
    > rare person who has such control over his/her body that they can achieve a
    > complex goal on the first try.

    I totally agree with you, but where you still see " yourself " in control I define the memes to be ! For eons of time people thought genetics was there to stay, eugenetics made a mess out of things and now that we' re back on the drawingboard changing genes in our favour is no longer an issue. The same can be applied with memes, for eons of time we thought we we' re master over our innerself, but the notion of the Meme Meme took that away.

    Like Blackmore argued, once you have considered that possibility your view on life, behavior, society, culture or whatever has been frightfully changed. If you don 't want to see this, if you want to think you' re in control that is your prerogative. I can 't change that, I just can hope that your memes don
    't catch with you and play tricks on you....



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