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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 20:13:46 GMT

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    On Friday, November 1, 2002, at 11:32 , Van oost Kenneth wrote:

    > everytime it has to be built from the ground up

    Gack, I can't see how I proposed that. It is constantly changing, yes, in the way a river changes, but not renewing from the ground up.

    Like the frames in an animated movie, there are fields of similarities in every moment, and these things have the capacity for continuance- genetically this is determined by genes, but memetically, I say it is determined by bemes, which themselves are also like frames from an animated movie- with fields of similarities, and culture can be continued through their creation/performance and apprehension/reperformance- something each individual does, yes, every time newly, as each beme exists only for that time it is in performance, just like a symphony, which, in actuation, only exists while it is being played. We have artifacts which can be used to reconstruct a performance of Dvorak's Eighth Symphony, but performance1 will never be performance2, and the bemetic model demands both performance and observer as required operating parameters (loci? vectors?) of cultural transmission.

    The fact that every performance is a unique event in spacetime is the single source from which all my thinking along bemetic lines has followed. It is not, to me, simply an axiom, but a physical fact of the universe. So, I had to think of a memetic hypothesis that demanded the inclusion of this fact of performance, and I decided the only way out was to remove the unit of cultural transmission, the meme, from the mind totally- and place it in performance. I got all kinds of flak about keeping the meme name, so I coined 'beme', somewhat standing for
    'behavior-meme', but, now, after all the flak I've gotten about behavioralism (which is not at all the core of my cultural model), I might just up and coin 'Peme', for 'performance-meme'.

    Okay, I just did.

    Change is constant.

    Pemetic model.

    See, I'm mutable.

    - Wade

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