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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 17:47:29 GMT

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    > > > > > On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 03:19 , Van oost Kenneth wrote:
    > > > This is becoming a question of ideology IMO !
    > > > Wade is in a sense emphazin' individuality and Joe lingers onto a more
    > > > collective state of things. In Wade's proposal a Bildung- ideal is
    > > > set/ implied, Joe uses the gene- ralisation to drive cultural
    > > > transmission. Wade's proposal is something that implies humanism/
    > > > romantism, Joe's claim is dependent of something higher, more divine,
    > > > collectiviness is seen here as a ' natural autority ' !
    > > > I reject that...
    > > Do you reject DNA, a common molecular basis for instances of similar
    > > creatures, as blithely and facilely as you reject a common thought-basis
    > > for instances of similar actions?
    >No, I reject the fact that everything must be seen as a result/ outcome of
    >a collective enterprise. In my book, the strings which eventually made up
    >DNA were singularities in their own beginning. The only next step in their
    >seperate evolution was working together.
    >I reject the fact that many often forget there was that first step to be
    >two cells working together was the second step of evolution.
    >Working together is NOT a natural trait, it is evolutionary adaptation.

    Genes are a human way of looking at a body and selecting certain aspects to speculate about. The color of one's eyes, for example, may not be governed by a specific section of DNA but is possibly distributed through several sections of the DNA that lead the body to create eyes. The idea of dividing the genome up into little pieces and assigning them a specific task is a human way of looking at the process but what the cell processing the DNA is doing might be something quite different.


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