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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 16:43:29 GMT

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    >You have no proof that memes are in the mind, and you are criticizing
    >_using_ the memeinthemind model, about a model that _does not_ include
    >memes in the mind.
    >I do not conjecture about bemes in behavior- we know certain behaviors are
    >both performed and observed and culturally relevant. We know nothing about
    >any memeinthemind other than that such conjectures are part of a hypothesis
    >of motivational ideation.
    >But, using a mutually exclusionary model to condemn another is
    >Show me your meme, and responsibility is established.
    >I can show you a beme. You've seen millions in your life. You're doing one
    >answering this, if you choose to do so.
    >And every one was different.
    >No-one has ever seen a meme, or a meme-ory, and, indeed, there is no way,
    >at the moment, to elucidate such unique mental patternings as the
    >memeinthemind model demands with the present state of observational tools.
    >To use one conjectural model to criticize another is senseless.
    >It would be like a sculptor criticizing a painting because the back of the
    >canvas was empty.
    >- Wade
    I see memes every day in the form of pictures in my mind. Before I set out on a journey in my car, I visualize the route I'm going to take. When someone gives me instructions for doing something, I see a picture of what they are saying in my mind. When I hear a noise that I can't immediately identify, I visualize a number of possible causes. If it's one I can identify, I often visualize it as a way of confirming my opinion. When I pass a meme to the meme pool, I usually visualize the idea and then try to find the right words to create a similar picture in the minds of the people I'm sending it to. To my mind, the picture worth ten thousand words or
    (hopefully) less is the meme. Perhaps that's because I tend to think first in pictures and then translate the pictures into words. It may be different for others.



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