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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 15:49:20 GMT

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    > Aaron:
    > But don't let me retard your work. Do publish those
    > data you collected 4 years ago on how rule changes
    > in football have influenced players' behaviour, for
    > instance. Or tell us where to find it published. I
    > never meant to discourage this work,
    > Derek:
    > Ah unfortunately, I decided the data I collected were
    > not strong enough to merit publication. I had to
    > leave the university just at that time, and my access
    > to the video analysis software was cut off. I could
    > of course have written a thought contagionist analysis
    > of football, in which case I wouldn't really have
    > required any data, but I leave that to those who are
    > better qualified. That's the trouble with being an
    > empiricist, you see, one is so constrained by that
    > annoying necessity to actually have some evidence.

    The real world impinges. Maybe if social science had been as richly funded as, say, high energy physics, we would both have had the resources we need to pursue our data collection priorities. Then, maybe we would not have had this argument -- or even held a more useful discussion over data sets. Perhaps we could have both found it sufficiently invigorating, too.

    --Aaron Lynch

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