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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 15:25:20 GMT

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    > > Emotions and feelings are part of the quotation, your innerworld is con-
    > > stantly changing due to such influences....
    > Yup. I fail to see why anyone thinks the bemetic model is ignoring this.
    > It ain't. Constant change, internal and external, as Heraclitus told us
    > thousands of years ago, is what it is.

    On the contrary, it is just by your own innerworld, behaviors will and can be made. Whatever the cause of your behavioral respons, internal or exter- nal, emotions/ feelings and expressional ways are part of the quotation.
    ( read Damasio on that one)_

    Why people tend to ignore this is due to what I said before, for most, like you so well put, the culturally quantal unit is what resulted out of some inquiry NOT the individual by which it all started ! It is like you say, reserved for ideological purposes.

    > > Only in cases [where] you have an audience !
    > - can culture continue. Yup. You betcha! That _is_ the bemetic model.
    > What the brain is doing, well, we don't really know that, do we? Why the
    > hummer is humming, well, we don't really know that, do we? Is there a
    > meme in his head? We don't know that, either. But, feel free to put one
    > there if you want.

    Just as an aside, do you than see bemes in control of what might happen, that in fact bemes control which behaviors or what kind or in what degree certain behaviors are expressed !? Can 't it be that bemes or memes for that matter are just there, with no intention to share time or space just in order to lay the bricks for the next move !? If so, doesn 't this implies foresight !?

    > > What if noone bothers !?
    > Cultures can disappear, just as their bemes do, regularly.

    Ok, what is than the purpose of such bemes.... to lay the brick foundation where the next wave can break on the beach !?



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