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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 11:50:08 GMT

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    > When a musician practices to improve his performance, what is he measuring
    > his performance against? Don't you think he/she has some ideal or goal in
    > mind which practice will raise the performance to? Or do you think any
    > improvement is merely serendipitous and they are only able to see
    > improvement after the fact? That would be a position I can't agree with.
    > I've spent too much time adjusting my hold, my release, my breathing, my
    > coordination just to put a bullet in the center of a target. I knew
    > what I wanted my mind and body to do for me. It just took a long time and
    > lot of practice to get them to do it.

    So Grant, in his specific case, who or what was conducting the control over your body so that you couldn 't perform immediately what you desired !? Why do you need to practice !? Something was holding you back and despite the fact you knew actualy what you wanted it took time to call the one shot you needed ! Again, what or who was holding you down, your body, your mind, both or perhaps the memes which are controlling the whole of the process !? In a sense, the practice is a way of deluting the memes out of their control, practice made them weak and finally they give in....


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