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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 11:31:18 GMT

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    > > On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 03:19 , Van oost Kenneth wrote:
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    > > > Generalizin' behavior and than predicting what the next
    > > > individualistic behavior will be is in my book arrogant and shows
    > > > how much people don 't understand of what is it to be a human
    > > > individual_ moreover it shows how much people are willing to set
    > > > themselves aside for a proper/ better good... Aaarrhhh !!
    > > Aargh indeed. Since beme1 is never and cannot be beme2, there is no
    > > generalizing of behavior in the bemetic model. There is location of
    > > similarity as an agent of cultural continuance, but, no, I really
    > > don't see much hope of prediction from _any_ of the cultural, memetic,
    > > or bemetic models, actually.
    > there is no generalizing of behavior in the bemetic model.
    > One of its fatal flaws.

    This is becoming a question of ideology IMO ! Wade is in a sense emphazin' individuality and Joe lingers onto a more collective state of things. In Wade's proposal a Bildung- ideal is set/ implied, Joe uses the gene- ralisation to drive cultural transmission. Wade's proposal is something that implies humanism/ romantism, Joe's claim is dependent of something higher, more divine, collectiviness is seen here as a ' natural autority ' !

    I reject that...


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