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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 10:51:10 GMT

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    ----- Original Message ----- From: "Bill Spight" <> Kenneth,
    > > After all, if we could give meaning to a complex behavior in ONE
    > > word ( lets say walking) is this than so abstract that we can 't get
    > > it transmitted " as an unit ", and in the same token wouldn 't that
    > > be one single meme !?
    > That does happen, doesn't it, on occasion? But in the transmission the
    > full meaning is rarely transmitted as a unit. People end up with
    > half-baked notions that way. ;-)

    I see what you mean Bill, but my take is that by transmitting the meme of walking, the meaning is transmitted " as an unit ". Of course you can 't get the full social/ cultural and behavioral epression of walking in one single word, but our brain is constructed in such a ways that all of the additional info needed to acquire the full picture of what walking is and means in our society is set.

    The half- baked notions are due, IMO, to ignorance and stupity. The full meaning had to be constructed from meme- ory, hard- wired traits and habits and learned/ conditioned behavior. People often ignore their own contribution, they rely to often on what is said to be true, they accept to often things without questionin'.



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