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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 10:32:49 GMT

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    > > If a song is cycling in your head your behavior will have been
    > > changed....
    > > for example you can walk " funny ".....and noone will ever know why !
    > But they are seeing you walk funnily. They will not know why. They might
    > assume epilepsy, or some congenital defect, perhaps an ill-set fracture.
    > Don't matter.

    Only in cases you have an audience ! If you were to be humming in your kitchen, quietly on your own who will besides you, ever known there was a beme moving along the dresser !? And that humming will have a significant change upon your behavior for the rest of the day, or at least have influence ! Emotions and feelings are part of the quotation, your innerworld is con- stantly changing due to such influences....

    > At any rate, you're all behaving, and you all are observers of each
    > other. All the conditions for cultural transmission are in place. Beme1,
    > beme2, beme3, 4, 5, and 6 are funny walks down the same street.

    Again, not if you were to be alone in the kitchen humming a song ! And by the way, how many will sit down quietly and observe their behavior due to the humming !? There is no cultural transmission, not in first instance anyway, but later at the end of the day it admits purpose, intention, directs events and demands addtional processes to take place.

    Your wife will be surprised if you' ve set the table and made dinner and she will ask you why, and foremost how (!), and you will hum the song as a serenade for her and you will explain the affects it had. Than cultural transmission is done but in the meanwhile the whole of your behavioral expression had been changed during the whole of the day. Its a two level process.

    > Environment, behavior, continuance. All is there. No memes in the brain
    > needed. No way to tell what they are, anyway.

    I agree up to the point that what you experience can be named something else than memes, but there is obviously something going on in the brain, humming a song with or without an audience your inner emotional world had been changed and in the cases where you expect visitors or not the humming will had influenced your behavioral expressions_ you will feel
    ' happy and uptight ' and in the other way round your guests will have the time of their lives.

    In the former noone will ever known, in the latter- case people can ask you why_ and than again they can do not! What if noone bothers !?



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