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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 09:59:05 GMT

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    > > > > On Wednesday, October 30, 2002, at 02:03 ,
    > > > > wrote: > > > you absentmindedly hum it in their presence > > > >
    > > Sounds like behavior to me. > > > When you keep hearing it cycling in
    > > your head, that is not behavior; but > unless you hear(that is, can
    > > remember) it there, you cannot hum it out > loud.
    > > But, I 've tried to explain this in an earlier post, what Wade is
    > > trying to say, IMO I think, atleast that is the idea I got, is that by
    > > humming a tune in your head, some behaviors are in a different way
    > > represented in the outside world. If a song is cycling in your head
    > > your behavior will have been changed.... for example you can walk "
    > > funny ".....and noone will ever know why !
    > But you can also be sitting quietly, entranced by the tune...

    Wouldn 't that be noticed by others if any !? And if there were none, wouldn 't the tune have changed your inner feelings and emotions for the rest of the day afterall !? And if you were to be alone in the house, would you have been changed in either way if you sat down for minutes/ hours quietly in the kitchen !? Quiet or not, observers or not, some changes has occured and in a sense they will be represented in the next behavior(s) or at least have an influence.

    Each and everyone is a symptom which points towards the working of other (f)actors....


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