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Date: Fri 01 Nov 2002 - 08:23:21 GMT

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    Aaron: But don't let me retard your work. Do publish those data you collected 4 years ago on how rule changes in football have influenced players' behaviour, for instance. Or tell us where to find it published. I never meant to discourage this work,

    Derek: Ah unfortunately, I decided the data I collected were not strong enough to merit publication. I had to leave the university just at that time, and my access to the video analysis software was cut off. I could of course have written a thought contagionist analysis of football, in which case I wouldn't really have required any data, but I leave that to those who are better qualified. That's the trouble with being an empiricist, you see, one is so constrained by that annoying necessity to actually have some evidence.

    Aaron: arguments, or even my more serious ogoing work. I like to think that even people who are "mouth-foamingly angry" can cool off enough to finish the tasks they have chosen.

    Derek: Oh actually I find it quite invigorating. A bit of passion in any task is often the thing needed to get it going. I think I can honestly say that, if it hadn't been for your consistent goading all these years, I probably would have lost interest and gone back to something more biological. So I have to thank you for that, to paraphrase Voltaire, if you didn't exist I'd need to invent you (although of course I'm no Voltaire).

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