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Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 21:07:12 GMT

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    On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 03:45 , wrote:

    > The means is through behavior

    Perhaps that is as far as I prefer to go.

    > There is nothing in the bemetic model which denies memory or learned
    > and retained skills. Nothing.
    > There is if it is categorized, as you have, as the *behavior-ONLY*
    > model.

    Ah. Phrase error- misinterpretation alert. Okay. By 'behavior-only' model, I mean to say that cultural change is only possible when behaviors happen, and, if the meme is a unit of cultural change, it is thus more handy to locate the meme there, in that performance, and in that performance only. It uncomplicates the motivational traps and required cognitive wonderings of the memeinthemind model.

    > And that is where the occamic violation of multiplying entities beyond
    > not only necessity, but workability, happens, by polyfurcating multiple
    > similar behavioral token-instantiations of the self-same meme-type into
    > nonrelational sui generis entities.

    I take it as some sort of wonder that I actually understand this sentence. The only problem I have with the memeinthebrain model is that I don't see the need for a meme to be there. The brain has enough to do without being bothered with a meme.

    But, you are judging, and denying, the beme model by using the systems of the memeinthemind model, and they are apples and oranges.

    I am trying not to use the bemetic model in my denial of the memeinthemind model, but to show that the occamic violation of it is more severe, seen from the outside vantage of understanding and analyzation. Of course, I could totally be wrong, in my funny walk. But it feels right, and I get all itchy when I try to walk the memeinthemind model.

    > But those plans are the meme

    So you say, from the perspective of the memeinthemind. I just say those plans are the plans. I get itchy when I have to use two terms for the same thing.

    - Wade

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