Re: electric meme bombs

From: Wade Smith (
Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 20:42:04 GMT

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    On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 03:19 , Van oost Kenneth wrote:

    > Generalizin' behavior and than predicting what the next
    > individualistic behavior will be is in my book arrogant and shows
    > how much people don 't understand of what is it to be a human
    > individual_ moreover it shows how much people are willing to set
    > themselves aside for a proper/ better good... Aaarrhhh !!

    Aargh indeed. Since beme1 is never and cannot be beme2, there is no generalizing of behavior in the bemetic model. There is location of similarity as an agent of cultural continuance, but, no, I really don't see much hope of prediction from _any_ of the cultural, memetic, or bemetic models, actually.

    - Wade

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