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Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 20:44:29 GMT

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    > On Thursday, October 31, 2002, at 03:05 , wrote:
    > > If it is indeed "based upon his apprehension of the original", then it
    > > is not totally new, but, along with the original, a token of their
    > > meme-type.
    > Nothing is primarily totally new, with few exceptions. Even alien life,
    > if it took root here after being carried upon meteorites, is not new to
    > the universe.
    > But, yes, the common meme-type is what is similar, and allows patterned
    > tracking, and provides the continuity we may call culture. The forces
    > behind each bemes' creation are not new, but DNA-instructed ancient, if
    > not downright hoary.

    Wade, Joe,

    How do we find such common meme- type similarities !? Are we conducting a search into etymology for meaning here or what !?

    Just interested,


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