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From: Van oost Kenneth (
Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 20:31:53 GMT

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    > > Unless we know how memes are born and where
    > Memes are born and die in the behaviors of cultural performance. What
    > happens in the brain of the first performer, consciously or
    > unconsciously, is irrelevant to the observer, who will attempt, if any
    > attempt is made, to perform a totally new meme based upon his
    > apprehension of the original.

    Wade, in cases where we need to go in someone's head ( serial killers) it is relevant to the obsever what happened in the brain of the performer ! Profilers need in a sense to ' anticipate ' in the memetic processes of the murderer. Psychologists do it all the time ! They base their next step on what is consciously or unconsciously ' said ' to them. They interpretate what is said and Not- said.



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