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Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 19:40:32 GMT

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    > You also have a choice about what to do about your anger. Kennedy used
    > as a tool to thwart his political enemies. He could just as easily have
    > punched one of them in the nose, but that would be counter productive.
    > Instead, when that person came to him for a political favor, he just
    > declined to give it.
    > Memes don't MAKE you do what you do about things like anger. They memely
    > place limits on your available responses. You won't do what you can't
    > imagine doing. You have a store of learned responses that cover almost
    > every situation you are likely to encounter. The more of them you learn
    > more options you have to choose between. The brilliant man is one who is
    > able to come up with a good response for something he has never
    > before. The stupid man is one who lashes out automatically without even
    > thinking of what might be the best response. The martial artist develops
    > and practices resonses to every situation he is likely to encounter. In
    > most cases this is a winning behavior.

    Grant, that is to say in the case you agree with the notion of a free will ! I stand more in the other camp, the area where memes are in control, they only limit " my " avaible responses in order to get best/ better ways to propagate themselves. The stored learned behaviors are just such ways. The choise is theirs to make. Remerber, memes let us do/ let us act in ways by which we can die, in most cases, moreover in all cases memes are the winners.

    For us, we will end up agreeing in disagreement !



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