RE: electric meme bombs

From: Vincent Campbell (
Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 12:43:45 GMT

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            <And I don't see how it can fail not to. Once a pattern of behavioral
    > similarity is established, predictions about the nature of the next
    > behavior can be made. It would all seem pretty matter-of-fact to me.
    > Trying to find motivational similarities (like profiling serial killers)
    > would seem pointless, if not overtly errant, as they have proved to be.>
            One caveat would be geographical profiling. It's drawback is the need for serial crimes to occur for it to work. There's a guy from Liverpool Uni pushing this in a UK TV series at the moment, apparently there's a show on tomorrow night in which he's going to show how his geographical profiling system helped catch a US perp. (Channel 5, at 8pm for those who can get- don't be put off by it being C5 either, it's not a bad programme).

            <I don't see how the meme-in-the-mind model either explains or predicts
    > anything.>
            IMHO, I agree.


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