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Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 12:08:46 GMT

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    > If it is indeed "based upon his apprehension of the original", then it
    > is
    > not totally new, but, along with the original, a token of their common
    > meme-type.

    Nothing is primarily totally new, with few exceptions. Even alien life, if it took root here after being carried upon meteorites, is not new to the universe.

    But, yes, the common meme-type is what is similar, and allows patterned tracking, and provides the continuity we may call culture. The forces behind each bemes' creation are not new, but DNA-instructed ancient, if not downright hoary.

    Beme1 is never beme2, but, because of sources and environment, can differ in only minuscule ways. Traditions are enforced to similarity by definition. Among spoken history telling societies, the most revered of the tale-tellers is the one who never changes a word. We value continuity, choosing to put on our pants left leg first every time.

    But, what things are based upon (the meme in the mind operating in meme-ory) is highly conjectural, at least, at this point. May this lose its mystery, as it is indeed doing. Whether or not the nomenclature will prove continuous is another question, on all points.

    - Wade

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