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Date: Thu 31 Oct 2002 - 00:32:26 GMT

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    >From: "Grant Callaghan" <>
    >Subject: Re: I know one when I see one
    >Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 07:42:03 -0800
    >>How do the genes for blood type affect cell division?
    >By being part of the information that replicates itself in the process. If
    >it weren't there and included in that process, blood would have different
    >characteristics or would not exist at all, in which case the cell that
    >divided would die. What's not there can't replicate nor determine the
    >makeup of the blood cells afterwards. That seems like a pretty strong
    >influence to me.
    Do mature human red blood cells have genes for blood type? If so, where are these genes located in the cell?

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