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Date: Wed 30 Oct 2002 - 23:43:49 GMT

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    >Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 08:33:41 +1100
    > >Wade:
    > >But really, in all my trips to museums, I always come away feeling that
    > >nothing has changed except the things we work with and the places we
    > >work. The processes are all the same and remain.
    > >
    > >- Wade
    > >
    >That's right Wade
    >If the underlying cultural narrative remains the same, the underlying
    >elements of the culture are unchanging over extended periods of time. This
    >is why I have often suggested an examination of the 'might-is-right' meme,
    >as it has been discernibly prominent in the Western cultural narrative
    >since early Biblical times (and is a primary cause of the unchanging war
    >and pirates focus in museums). This is one of the elements of my narrative
    >inquiry, does the MIR meme feature in this story or not.
    >BTW Derek, the answers are quantifiable.
    Yes, in stark contrast non-Western cultures are so pacific and might is not seen as right. NOT!

    If this were the case, how does one account for the al Saud Wahhabis former striving for conquest over the Arabian peninsula? Recall that al Saud got their start in a region around the Najd. They eventually ousted the impure Hashemites from the Hijaz and had been making strides towards Abdullah ibn Hussein's niche in Transjordan which was luckily prevented by the British fortified Arab Legion, lest their be no Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the present day.

    Might seemed just right for the al Saud in their intention to spread Wahhabism as far as they could beyond its source in Najd. They now have Mecca and Medina, once a stronghold of the Hashemites. Quite expansionist if you ask me. Abdullah ibn Hussein was no better as he had intentions on Damascus and expansion of Hashemite rule over a region of Greater Syria
    (IIRC present day Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel).

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