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Date: Wed 30 Oct 2002 - 21:47:12 GMT

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    > But an intact and lasting meme is exactly what is necessary to explain
    > multiple token performances of a behavior type; and the locus in which
    > such an entity may reside is one's meme-ory. The thought is parent to
    > the action, and logically and empirically prior to it.

    The spider continues to make unique and environment-conditioned webs
    (web2 not being web1) without any speck of a meme.

    There is absolutely no requirement made at any point that intent or
    'logical thought' be a parent to an action, and no requirement for conscious memory prior to performance.

    There is thus no requirement for a meme, intact, lasting, or checkered, meme-oried or layered, spongy or firm, as a prior entity to performance. All that is required is already part of human nature and development. All of that, and an audience. The meme does require an audience, present or prepared for.

    Sometimes the trail of the meme, an artifact, sits without an audience capable of attempting another performance, as in a museum, observable only

    - Wade

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