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Date: Wed 30 Oct 2002 - 17:56:38 GMT

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    >Dear Grant,
    > > The use of "is replicated" leaves out reference to the fact that
    > > contained in the DNA is involved in the process of collecting duplicate
    > > information for transfer to the second copy of that information to be
    > > inserted into the new cell. In that sense, it definitely replicates
    >Like a mold or something molded. Like engraving plates and stamp dies.
    >Like rubber stamps. Like marks on a paper in a copier. Like a
    >photostatic plate. Like comic book pictures being copied with silly
    >putty. Right?
    >I may be wrong, but I thought that enzymes performed the proximate
    >action. OC, *some* genes are responsible for those enzymes. :-)
    I didn't say genes did it all, I merely said they were involved in the process. The entire process is fairly complex and involves many actors within the cell. But the fact remains that blood genes have a hand in their own reproduction, just as the comic book is a necessary part of reproducing a picture contained in the comic book on silly putty. Without that comic book, some other picture would have to be used. The result would be completely different.

    Mutation, for example, is the result of a discrepancy in the encoding of the information. Since genes are involved in the encoding process they are partly responsible for errors in copying. Thus, they have a "hands-on" role rather than just a passive role like an engraving or a rubber stamp.



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