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From: Jeremy Bradley (
Date: Tue 29 Oct 2002 - 21:38:16 GMT

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    At 01:45 AM 29/10/02 -0800, you wrote:
    >> This will be the problem of AI; intelligence is subjective.
    >I think you are confusing consciousness with intelligence. The former is
    >clearly subjective while the latter lends itself far better to be
    >objectively measurable. A feeble attempt is being made by measuring IQ.
    >If I may, personally I feel confortable with the idea that intelligence is
    >mainly about two ingredients: imitation and creativity. The strenghts of
    >both components should be measurable in principle although I recognize that
    >they are highly relative (that is subject sensitive).
    Dear Phil Sorry to hear that we will be loosing you. Intelligence, IMHO, is harder to pin down than memes. I think that for someone, or something, to appear to be intelligent to any individual, there must be a commonality of memetic identifiers. As an example, how many scientists are thought to be idiots by those who fix their cars? If we expand that idea to other cultures, creeds etc, it is obvious that intelligence is defined by the individual perceiver. To create a homogenised, (presumably Western based), 'intelligence', and present it as universal or standard intelligence, to me, sounds stupid. But there you go, it's all subjective. BTW, analysis of the type of story favoured by an individual, can give a pattern of memetic appreciation. This pattern, IMHO, could be programmed into service-bots, for example, so that they would appear to be
    'intelligent' to specific humans. Further, I think that a homogenised intellectual position called
    'intelligence', could well be the basis of a new type of colonialism; the colonisation of imag-a-nations. What a dull grey world that would be. Jeremy

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