Re: I know one when I see one

From: Bill Spight (
Date: Tue 29 Oct 2002 - 19:37:44 GMT

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    Dear Ted,

    > Let's say a computer program is replicated numerous times with slight
    > variations. The one that best does the job is automatically selected.
    > Where's the self in this process? "Replication, variation, and selection"
    > implies selfish behavior only in the context of life. Without this context,
    > we can treat the entire process in terms of simple mechanics. That genes
    > and memes are functions of life, not automata, is essential to understanding
    > them.

    So your claim is that memes are alive, right?

    > > Emphasis mine. All of the emphasized phrases are personifications.
    > Not at all. All living things exist in themselves. Life is all about
    > self-nature, from bacteria on up.

    Including memes, by your lights, right?

    > > Do the genes for blood type replicate themselves? If so, how?
    > All genes replicate themselves in the process of cell division.

    How do the genes for blood type affect cell division?



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