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Date: Tue 29 Oct 2002 - 13:03:34 GMT

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    Hi Bill,

    Without wanting to waste bandwith, I thought I'd just say your responses were fair and well made, particularly:

            <Do those with neuro-cognitive definitions exclude the
    > phenomena of behavior and artefact? Impossible, ever if some believe in
    > telepathy. ;-) Do those with behavioral-artefactual definitions exclude
    > the phenomena of memory and cognitive processing? Again, impossible,
    > even if some believe in behaviorism. ;-)>
            I think that is an important thing to get clear. I was flicking through Aunger's book over the weekend, and skim-read his section on artifacts where he does regard them as important, necessary even for the memetic process.

            I'm getting closer to trying to write a more coherent artefact-meme proposition (more coherent in the sense of my own arguments, not that others are incoherent!), and this is a useful comment along these lines.



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