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Date: Sat 26 Oct 2002 - 18:49:56 GMT

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    > There is still a dialectic going on between similarity and difference, so
    > that individuals may be considered tokens of the human type. People
    > are not so different from each other as to be nonrelational; they still
    > resemble each other more than they do stars, or cabbages, or
    > monkeys. People are recognizably people. And our rights and wrongs
    > are similar, simply because we all share this common world (each of us
    > knowing some but nowhere near all of the others with which we share
    > it), and a common self-conscious-yet-spatiotemporally-finite, social and-
    > language-bearing existence within that world. Our common humanity
    > and our commom situation frames our context and discourse.
    > That's why, extenuating circumstances aside, murder is wrong, theft is
    > wrong, dishonesty is wrong, rape and molestation are wrong.

    Hi Joe,

    A little bit late I suppose, but I hope you don 't mind,

    To the above I wish to comment as follows,

    I see what you try to say here, but IMO all is due to some agreement upon a social/ cultural level. It has to be that way to form a society, to have some humanity, to have a context and discourse I agree. But I don 't agree up to the point that murder etc is ' wrong ' ! Don 't misunderstand me, I have a reason for saying that...

    We do understand a lot about how people act, behave and react. Changing that, thus ' changing ' people by letting them follow rules, which in most part disminish genetic and memetic charac- teristics is ' wrong ' in my book.

    Someone who murders another, the one who steals, the one who is dishonest have his or her reasons, whatever they are. The point I am trying to make is that within those extenuating circumstances we have to draw some ' understanding- lines ' to comprehend the reasons.

    Now, like Fukuyama writes, that we know thanks to the genetics, ethology and sociobiology what makes a man tic in some way, biotechnology is running away with the goodies ! They gonna try to ' change ' us ! If we indulge ourselves into techological changing the characteristics of the human being, and thus limiting his natural restrictions we' re wrong !

    There is currently showing a movie here called the Minority Report in which a society is portrayed wherein murderers are filtered out in advance, thus before they commit the crime. Do think that is ' right ' !?



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