Re: Bali Bombing Meme

From: Bill Spight (
Date: Sat 26 Oct 2002 - 18:22:14 GMT

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    Dear Steve,

    > > Absolutely. Terrorists count on both media sensationalism and government
    > > overreaction.
    > >
    > This is just a guess, but wouldn't the non reporting of terrorist attacks
    > prompt them to try again to attract the attention that they seek for their
    > cause?

    That's certainly a possibility, isn't it? At least short term.

    > I do agree that the over the top coverage is not helpful, but would be
    > uncertain as to where to draw the line.

    I do not think that either media coverage or governmental reaction were prime motivators for terrorism on the scale of the 9/11 attacks. (They were mainly acts of war.) Eliciting governmental repression is a real factor in one's own country, where the terrorists want to generate internal opposition to the government. But media coverage is always a factor in terrorism. A terrorist means to terrorize and the media help spread the terror.



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