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Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 23:00:15 GMT

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    >on 10/24/02 7:35 AM, Vincent Campbell at wrote:
    > > 'insulting pink unicorns' is surely not civil behaviour....
    > >
    >Frankly, I think that insulting pink unicorns should keep their opinions to
    Why's that, especially since it's a viable alternative to the meme-ory and beme positions? You must be strongly partisan to the memetic perspective if you think a non-partisan should just shut up. Remember I added "dunno" as my stance, but unlike others I can't say the other two alternatives carry any more weight behind them. I thought "pink unicorn" would add some skepticism to the mix. I see that people are too in love with their "pet theory" to think otherwise, hence "Old Yeller".

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