Why Memes Propagate - Answers to key questions about Meme structure, internal causation and functionality.

From: Michael Cahill (caintel@pacbell.net)
Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 21:57:52 GMT

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    We are preparing to publish an explicit description of Meme structure and functionality, and we are looking for partners to assist us in this endeavor.

    We have been using Memes in a highly proprietary setting for over three years to analyze investment risk scenarios. We are now preparing to publicly introduce memetic structure and functionality. We are reaching out to the memetic community to find partner(s) who can help us do this. We need this help because our primary objectives are commercial, and it is difficult for us to justify academic activities. Nonetheless, we will vastly assist and revolutionize the cause and clarity of thought within the memetic community; so we will devote some time to these ends.

    In our current work, we are developing advanced knowledge bases built on entities called Knowledge Objects. These objects are a third way (besides mathematics and logic) of representing formal knowledge. Knowledge Objects are primitive structures that operate under a rigid set of rules that are derived from the structures themselves. THIS MEANS THAT THESE OBJECTS ARE PART OF OBJECTIVE REALITY, JUST AS ARE ATOMS OR GALAXIES. Our primary objective is to use these objects for the Expression, Fusion, Analysis, Storage and Sharing of knowledge under FORMAL conditions.

    We have been aware for several years that Knowledge Objects are Memes, but we have only recently completely formulated our intellectual property position. For this reason our work has been conducted under strict proprietary conditions.

    At this time we want to find leaders in the Memetics field with whom we can work (confidentially at first) and shape our introduction of the details of memetic function so that the reception and comprehension of our work is minimally distractive from our current commercial activities.

    Please let me know if you wish to be involved in such an undertaking. Conversely, can you recommend leaders in the Memetics community with whom we can share these radical advances in the state of the memetic art?

    Kindest Regards,

    Michael J. Cahill Chairman and CEO, Threat Systems, Inc. www.threatsystems.com
    "A Third Way"

    San Jose, CA T 408 978 2512 M 408 504 8378 F 408 448 3940

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