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From: Bill Spight (
Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 18:25:23 GMT

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    Dear Darek,

    > Then, I am also interested in getting in touch with somebody who has tried
    > to analyze memes as forms of energy. Information can be (according to 2nd
    > law of thermodynamics) expressed as energy. Should memes be considered ways
    > of transferring information and/or conveying messages, I claim they should
    > be presentable as forms of energy. Energy which is capable of influencing
    > largely human mind and counsciousness and, in a way, as many forms of
    > energy, it should be capable of shaping/reorganising matter.
    > I strongly believe that analysing memes as portions of energy and finding a
    > way of combining memetics with Shannon's information theory as well as 2nd
    > law of thermodynamics (growing entropy) would take memetics into a more
    > scientific than philosophical direction.

    You might want to look at "Entropy, Information, and Evolution: New Perspectives or Physical and Biological Evolution," edited by Weber, Depew, and Smith, MIT Press, Cambridge, 1988. :-)

    Good luck!


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