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Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 11:44:47 GMT

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    Vincent Campbell wrote:
    > Just to clarify for non-Brits, the vote is being conducted on a short list
    > of ten people who got most votes in a long pre-selection voting process
    > that's been going on for a while now.
    > I don't recall if Newton is on the list, although John Lennon and Princess
    > Diana are, as are Brunel and Churchill.

    Yeah Newton's there the freak. I knew the apple story was apocryphal but I didn't know that he apparently made it up himself to 'prove' that he thought of gravity before Robert Hooke (a much nicer guy all round, but very anti-evolutionism as I recall).

    The biggest travesty is to have Shakespeare on there - I watched something recently that more or less proved that Shakespeare (who died leaving two illiterate daughters, without a book in the house, and who's bust in the local church showed him on a woolsack (=merchant) not on a book with quill (this version was a later 'improvement')) was a rich (he was very rich too, unlike most artists) merchant theatrical 'angel' - a producer not a director, and *certainly* not a playwright. The plays were written by the irritatingly political (atheist actually, in a period when catholics and protestants were burning each other by turns) but prodigously gifted Christopher Marlowe (not Bacon, that's just daft) who was run out of Britain under guise of being murdered, to live out his life in Italy (some documentary evidence) - the 'fight' he 'died' in was after a six hour meeting with three other employees of his own patron in a pub by the river; and Elizabeth herself put a cap on investigation of the 'case'. Basically it looks like they wanted him out of the way, but didn't want to kill such a talent. Marlowe had the education etc, many of 'Shakespeare's' plays do have a very Italian feel, NO tributes were paid by other literary figures on Shakespeare's death. Also in the programme no Shakespeare scholars could answer any of these points. Marketing momentum eh?

    So 'Shakespeare' is a carefully constructed meme
      - how's that for bringing it back home! :)

    Hooray for BBC4 :) I love it.

    Btw the list was Brunel, Churchill, Cromwell, Darwin, Diana, Liz 1, Lennon, Nelson, Newton, Shakespeare (ack ack).

    Me, well... If Darwin hadn't someone would've (Wallace for example although Darwin did the Rolls Royce version), same for Brunel. Newton was just too damn odd. Cromwell badly lost the plot. Nelson hmm, ish. Diana/Lennon = ephemera. SHAKESPEARE?!?

    I dunno I'd probably go for Liz 1 for facing off against the pesky continentals, then Churchill (same thing but for less long with more support).

    Churz, Chris.

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