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Date: Thu 24 Oct 2002 - 04:29:41 GMT

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    > Words are not memes themselves because they can mean anything depending on
    > the circumstances in which they are received. They carry information but
    > not the information being carried. The meanings they carry are arbitrary
    > any word can stand for anything. For example:
    > I am a man.
    > I am A man.
    > I am a MAN
    > I AM a man.
    > The mere shift in emphasis changes the sentence above so it transmits
    > different meanings. The first emphasizes the word "I" and that points to
    > is a man. The second emphasizes the word "A" and points to the fact that
    > speaker is one of many men. The third emphasizes the word "man" and points
    > to the idea of manliness as part of the speaker's essence. The fourth,
    > emphasizes the word "am" and is used to confirm that the speaker is indeed
    > man.

    Okay, the sentences by way of different articulation carry different and separate meanings. So each sentence could pass for a separate meme. But the separate words still carry the same meaning, it is the shift of emphasis that adds a unique semantic flavor to it. So each word, having a unique conceptual meaning and which obviously can be replicated, are memes in their own right still. I acknowledge, however, that some words can have more than one meaning depending on the relevant context but that doesn't change the fact that those words have stand-alone meaning and thus are separate memetic carriers of information. You can experience this yourself by teaching a new word to a 5-year old.


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